BASILIUS 601-602

AUM ARCHITECTS chosen to design the interior of a residence originally made up of two apartments.

How were you commissioned?:    
The client had seen our work from the company website and contacted us directly.

What was the brief from the client and how much were they involved?:    
The client had a minimal requirement in terms of functionality; aesthetics was completely left to us. Letting us have an upper hand in evolution of design. As the residence is formed by combining 2 apartments, the combined public spaces of the two apartments is divided functionally and was of prime importance. As they entertain quite often these divided public spaces had to be the highlight of the whole house.

How did your previous experience help you with this project?:    
We have always believed in treating every project as unique, the process for each project is understanding in depth the client brief and evolving the design from there on. This has helped us in providing user oriented design solutions and with every project we have bettered in the service we provide and try to make it as holistic as possible.

Can you explain the layout of the project:    
The 7300 sq.ft. residence is formed by combining two 5-BHK apartments. The living room is huge C-shaped space divided into an entrance lobby, dining area, a formal seating and informal seating. Of the 10 bedrooms there are 3 master bedrooms for the end users, 3 are guest bedrooms, 2 bedrooms converted into personal offices, 1 was converted into a play area for the children and one spare Multi-purpose room. Each of the bedrooms has been done in a exquisite style. The living room though divided functionally flows from one section to another; having followed form follows function while designing the residence each area is distinct in nature.

What do you feel were the most unusual design elements of the project?:    
We collaborated with various artists to come up with some unique elements in the house, the central highlight of the formal area is the mixed media wall installation in the shape of a peacock feather, a fabric ceiling that gels the two sections of the formal and the informal living area, the charcoal room with a very tropical theme, a very Asian inspired office with artificial turf flooring, the exquisitely elegant Mid- Century Modern master bedroom.

Rhythm Scapes - Fabric Ceiling, the mixed media on Marble, Baffle wall and Ceiling treatment in the Prayer room

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