LA Build Corp build a home made for entertaining

LA Build Corp was commissioned to build a sleek spec home in the heart of Los Angeles with entertainment in mind.

What was the brief from the client and how much were they involved?

This home was originally completed as a spec home, but the developer wanted to create a unique feel to each room so every space in the home was carefully and individually planned out as if it was a custom home.

How did the brief affect the materials and design choices?

This gorgeous home was built with entertaining in mind so everything was planned to accommodate overnight guests and for parties. This meant that we put in double ovens and double dishwashers, five full baths, two powder rooms, and an enormous master bathroom. Each floor gives privacy to its guests yet incorporates the open common areas to encourage group activities.

How did your previous experience help you with this project?

Every house we build gives us new insight into the next. This house has a basement so the designers wanted to create a fresh atmosphere by adding a patio behind where the fireplace was installed and carried it to the exterior to make it into a double fire experience.

Can you explain the layout of the project?

We built a variety of exterior extensions throughout the home including the office and the basement so that these spaces can have the option of feeling private when need-be while remaining expansive and inviting at the same time. In the backyard, we wanted to accomplish the same balance of privacy without making the area feel too closed off. To accomplish this, we incorporated all, more mature ficus trees filled in with smaller plants in order to create a beautiful exterior contrast. In addition, the lovely deck bleeds closely into the wrap-around pool creating a cohesive exterior space perfect for entertaining and family/friend gatherings.

Various exterior seating areas were placed along the outdoor deck as well. The light fixtures throughout the home are a stand-out - they are original pieces from Veneto Luce. While the home wears a lot of beautiful natural light on the interior, these added details really give the space depth in the evenings. The house was designed mainly for entertaining, so there is no doubt that one of our favorite spaces in the home is the kitchen. We incorporated double dishwashers since the area is very open and we did not want there to be the possibility of having dishes or unsightly objects sprawled across the countertops, as it would be extremely visible in the main area.

The dining area sits underneath a phenomenal grouping of unique lighting, perfect to turn on for evening ambiance. Lastly, the bathrooms in the home are truly well-placed and detailed. They have stunning original sinks from Jae Omar Designs, Sonobath. In the master bathroom, there is a variety of well-placed and highly-detailed fixtures. In addition, the walk-in shower has plenty of space with a bench for lounging and a separate exit out onto a private patio for yoga, sunbathing, and everything in between. The cabinets in the space are floating, and in keeping with that organic theme, the freestanding tub faces the west for beautiful and relaxing morning baths.

What problems or challenges did you face?

The neighborhood where this home is located is made up primarily of smaller lots, so one of the biggest challenges for us was to ensure we utilized the space wisely, while still leaving room for a decent backyard area. In order to really maximize the build, we incorporated a large basement with a common area for entertaining and then separate guest rooms, along with a spacious home theater.

The first floor is an expansive open living space that allows breathing room for all of the additional rooms on that level including the office, living area, dining area, and kitchen. Next, the second floor includes mainly private rooms with balconies and exterior spaces surrounding the home. These elements really epitomize our main goal with this build - to create a home that has privacy while still allowing for all rooms to have easy access from the middle and heart of the home.

What do you feel were the most unusual design elements of the project?

One of the most unique and interesting aspects of this home includes the addition of the basement, which we included, as we knew it would be an easy way to gain an extra 1,700-2,000 square feet. While states such as California rarely saw basements in their builds previously, we love to incorporate this level to our homes, especially with the limited lot sizes allotted in large and growing cities such as Los Angeles.

How do you think this project is pushing design forward? What makes it special?

This house is downright gorgeous and the designers and architects really outdid themselves. It is not a large lot and yet the atmosphere is spacious and open. When you walk inside, there is a depth to the house and it spreads out, up and down while at the same time allows for a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Photographer: Jeff Ong

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