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See the interview of Mar Esteve (Marketing Director of Neolith), for Concept Bain Magazine, where she explains the Neolith's extraordinary features and its many application possibilities.

Cooking with Neolith

TheSize proudly releases its new vídeo "Cooking with Neolith" conducted by 3 Chefs (Ángel Lillo, Damián Azorín y Miguel Ángel Verdejo, teachers from Catering Department of the IES Cap de l'Aljub in Spain and collaborators of the "Neolith Gastronomic Guide – Young Mediterranean Authors – One"), preparing three recipes on a kitchen countertop done with Arctic White (Colorfeel Collection). The video tests the extraordinary technical features of the material: resistant to scratching and wear, stain resistant, 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, null absoption, UV resistant, hygienic, resistant to household aggressive products, resistant to high and low temperatures, resistant to strong cleaning agents and 10 years of warranty.


Neolith is a Sintered Compact Surface of large format and minimum thickness with physical and mechanical characteristics never seen before in the construction industry. Thanks to its format and its physical and mechanical characteristics, this type of product is ideal for façades. Formats up to 3.600 x 1.200 mm provide high performance installation and also reduction in execution times. Furthermore, the Neolith ventilated façades system leads not only to energy consumption savings reaching 40%, but also to building's insulation by blocking direct sunlight exposure.

KBDN Interview with Neolith's Mar Esteve at EuroCucina 2016

Mar Esteve explains the 3 main highlights of Neolith surfaces: 1. Versatility - more than a countertop - including applications in flooring, walls and outdoors. 2. Durability & resistance - near 0 percent porosity and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperature variation. 3. Chromatic richness - over 50 different color, design options.

Neolith Cutting Recommendations 12 mm

Neolith Cutting Recommendations for 12 mm thickness, using bridge saw and also CNC

NEOLITH TESTING: Impact Resistance Test

Neolith, the Sintered Compact Surface developed by TheSize, is highly resistant to strong impacts. Check it in this demonstration done with a kitchen countertop of 12 mm (0,47") thickness. Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability.


SKYLINE is the Neolith façade line which offers more efficient solutions for the most demanding of architectural projects. The largest Sintered Compact Surface on the market, which enables a high yield for each piece and reduces completion times thanks to the large formats available. Neolith SKYLINE offers 4 façade systems: HC, VM, StrongFix and Ceramitex.

Tipic's smart Tuler kitchen for Offmat features a sink that appears with the wave of a hand

Italian design studio Tipic has created a smart kitchen countertop that integrates various interactive functions including a scale, induction cooking and a sink that appears out of the surface with a simple gesture.

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