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    At Dataflex we want to help you get the most out of yourself. This is why we want the place where you work to be a place where you feel at home. We call it ‘feeling at work’.

    Our product collections achieve the optimal balance between functionality, design and price. But while we help create ergonomic computer workplaces to suit every budget, we never compromise on quality.

    Quality products for everyone
    We design products at the intersection of ergonomics, technology and workplaces. We call them ergonomic computer workplace accessories. Products for every day, every budget and everyone. From freelancers to multinationals, from factories to banks. Backed up by friendly advice, service and support. And because we never compromise on quality, we’ve won international recognition for both our technical standards and our design flair.

    All with one thing in mind: to help you create the comfortable, healthy and inspiring workplace that’s right for your needs.

    Peace of mind
    We value lasting relationships with our dealers and partners. And because we really care about what we do, we’re more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Offering advice, service and support to make your life easier and more convenient, and give you total peace of mind.

    What makes us tick
    As well as sustainable relationships, we also want to do our bit for a sustainable planet. We try hard to be transparent at all times, and always to operate with integrity and respect for society and our environment. And we like to work with partners who feel the same way.

    A partner with experience
    After 30 years specialising in this line of work, we’re today recognised as much for our technical standards as our design flair. We hold a coveted ISO quality assurance certificate for our product development, production, assembly, sales and supply processes, as well as several design honours including the prestigious Red Dot and IF awards.

    You’ll find our products in offices around the world of companies who invest in the wellness of their people. But there are loyal Dataflex clients in every conceivable sector. From the tough surroundings of healthcare and manufacturing to the demanding worlds of high-end retail and education.

    Need something special?
    We develop tailor-made solutions to meet your unique requirements. From adding company colours, to adapting a product to your particular mounting requirements, to developing your new product from scratch.

    Over the decades we’ve developed literally 1000s of different OEM and ODM specials. And whether we’re modifying an existing product for you or developing a new one in partnership with you, our designers all share our collaborative approach. Working with you to find a solution that will not only meet the spec but hopefully exceed your expectations.

    Solutions that work for you
    We think of our products as ‘ergonomic computer workplace accessories’. Because they complement perfectly your working environment both ergonomically and aesthetically. With technology that looks good and works well.

    People in every kind of business setting swear by our solutions. So whether you’re a freelancer working from home or a multinational with a wide range of work environment challenges, Dataflex products can help you create a workplace that’s comfortable, healthy and inspiring. And we’re careful to arrange our wide offering in such a way that you can quickly find the solution that’s just right for you. 

    Contact Details

    Dataflex International
    88 Wood St, London
    EC2V 7RS
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 08000 305045

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