Top 10 best designed benches in the world

#8 Infinity Bench, Martino Gamper

London, UK

petr krejci

Image: Petr Krejci

Deemed 'Infinity Bench', this design was constructed for the London Design Festival in 2012, and was located at the John Madejski Gardens at London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

Italian-born London-based designer Martino Gamper teamed up with the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) to create this slanted bench for the event. It is the unique style and use of materials and wood technology techniques that made DesignCurial select the Infinity bench.


Image: AHEC

Comprised of oak, ash, and timber, the bench was crafted using wood technology to increase its durability and make it long lasting. The thermal modification process works to reduce the wood's ability to absorb moisture, preventing the structure from distorting over time, therefore making it more dimensionally stable and prolonging its life.

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