Top 10 best designed benches in the world

#10 Bench Dreaming, Kevin Brady

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Bench dreaming

Inspired by Salvador Dali, 'Bench Dreaming' was designed by sculptor Kevin Brady in 2002.

The city had asked artists to produce contemporary benches for the 2002/2003 New Year's Eve celebration, and Brady proposed a piece that emulates Dali's famous melting clocks from The Persistence of Memory.

The design was originally planned to be made from painted foam rubber, however the director of the Salvador Dali museum saw the proposal and requested a more permanent version for the museum. Brady re-designed the bench and the durable version crafted from cement, stainless steel and reinforced epoxy was erected in time for the New Year's Eve party.


Brady's green bench was designed as a nod to St. Petersburg's history, where it was once recognised as the 'City of Green Benches'. Green benches lined the sidewalks and tourists or members of the town would spend hours talking and observing from their seats. People would travel across the country to spend time there, and it held a sense of community, with people often finding friends or acquaintances. The benches were removed in 1969.

Images: Kevin Brady

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