10 examples of modern architecture homes

Machine Home

machine home

Location: Portable

Architects: Ad Hoc architects

Contemporary homes have advanced a great deal over the years, but this house is actually portable, introducing: the Machine Home.

machine home 2

Fully fabricated in a workshop, the machine Home is installed on site, acting as a form of house-caravan cross breed.

machine house 4

Although it has been designed as a more territorial residential object to combat security concerns, the inside, however, is quite a contrast to the exterior for it has been designed to encompass warmth and kindness.

machine house bathroom

The portable Machine Home is a spacious haven and features a versatile infrastructure with multiple levels. As a prefabricated residential module, it can choose its next location and essentially, 'set up camp'.

machine house interior

Once erected, a sheltered veranda-like section can be added to the site, feeding off the house. This gives householders the opportunity to feel more at home and settled into each new area.

machine house 1

All images courtesy David Frutos

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