• Brief Encounters

    Veronica Simpson finds illumination in the philosophy of a Finnish master of light and darkness.

  • Fletcher Priest / Hooper’s Court, London

    Part of the Knightsbridge Estate masterplan, Hooper’s Court melds seamlessly into the estate’s overall schema.

  • Surfaces: Focus - Delicious details

    We seek out some gloriously exuberant materials and finishes, finding the divine rather than the devil in the details.

  • Surfaces: Focus - Rich roast

    Far from being one of the world’s favourite drinks, coffee can also be used to make surfaces in increasingly creative ways.

  • Surfaces: Focus - Grow your own

    Could fungus provide the construction industry with a new supply of eco-friendly natural materials? FX takes a look.

  • Surfaces: Focus – Profile: Emmanuelle Moureaux

    For architect and artist Emmanuelle Moureaux, colour is life and emotion itself, and influences her approach to art and design.

  • Surface Design Show 2024 Preview

    The Surface Design Show returns for its 2024 edition, exploring ‘Mindful Living’.

  • Holland Harvey / Corner, Tate Modern, London

    The Tate Modern’s Corner provides visitors with a place to eat and drink that spans both day-time and night-time activities

  • Rothko in Paris

    The Fondation Louis Vuitton has set up a retrospective dedicated to Mark Rothko. Stephen Hitchins takes us on a tour through the Parisian exhibition.

  • Profile – Matt Jackson

    Delving into the life of Matt Jackson, CEO of BDG architecture + design, one year since he took the top job