• Come on, feel the noise

    The latest FX seminar had design experts wrestling with workplace acoustics, the psychological and sensory effects of open-plan offices and why choice needs to be placed far higher on the design agenda.

  • Design recovery: Enlightening hospital design

    Fancy spending a morning in Whittington Hospital’s Ambulatory Care centre? Thanks to some enlightened design and client thinking, you might not find it such a bleak place after all…

  • The importance of the inbetweeners

    Are in-between spaces in offices more important than desks? Can a neighbourhood work without great public space? Veronica Simpson joined the debate at Morgan Lovell’s latest seminar.

  • The Bilbao Effect - Hit and Myth

    Statement buildings are so last century. As the architectural world awaits the winning scheme for the Guggenheim Helsinki, we reflect on the legacy — both intended and unintended — of the Guggenheim Bilbao. What underpins its extraordinary success as a cultural icon? And can Helsinki hope to replicate that formula?