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    The best new products to come to market.

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    The latest news and pictures from the design sector.

  • Reporting

    on this year’s London Design Week.

  • Obituary: Cherrill Scheer

    the doyenne of post-war contemporary furniture manufacturing, has died aged 84.

  • If Only…

    We could live in a more flexible and responsive way. says mother and son, Pernille Bonser and Henry Staffordbugg, resonate interior architecture

  • One to Watch

    Showcasing the work of Natascha Maksimovic, founder of Nat Maks.

  • Light + Tech

    Jill Entwistle takes us through novel ways of using darkness and an ingenious new sun dial installation.

  • Top Ten

    The best new products to market.

  • Play Spaces - Playing out

    Veronica Simpson looks at the latest in making places fit for children to find joy in their play spaces.

  • New Models of Housing

    With the housing crisis worsening, what can creative individuals do to improve the situation? Veronica Simpson unveils some inspiring