• Brief Encounters

    Veronica Simpson travels to Hamburg to evaluate the Elbphilharmonie five years after it opened

  • Designing for the Mind

    Design experts came together to discuss how to provide a neurodivergent-accommodating workplace

  • Flooring Focus: Projects

    From student accommodations, to oncology wards and even the offices of major law firms, flooring design can have an immense impact on the user experience and these projects showcase all the different ways intelligent floor design works

  • Flooring Focus: Q&A

    Although most of our time is spent in contact with it, flooring designs are an often neglected and unsung hero of interior spaces. FX canvasses a range of established experts for their takes on what makes for good flooring design

  • Frame of Mind

    FX invites architects and designers to select their favourite artworks and tell us why they inspired them

  • Radical Thinking

    David Harber’s instinct for how things work has led to him leading an international design enterprise

  • Brief Encounters

    Veronica Simpson is in Edinburgh to enjoy a memorable hospitality experience at Observatory House

  • SHH / KWG BIOVALLEY, Shanghai

    SHH has created a contemporary interior space for KWG BIOVALLEY that is in tune with Chinese tradition and the Yangtze river

  • Fathom / 6 Babmaes Street, London

    The rundown building has been turned into a multi-purpose workspace, celebrating its origins while providing comfort

  • Nissen Richards Studio / The Courtauld Gallery, London

    The Courtauld Gallery now guides visitors using unique colour schemes and design that blends contemporary and historic aesthetics