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    Steelcase is the global leader in the office furniture sector; designing and manufacturing office furniture and technology products. Providing products and services that help people work more efficiently and use space more effectively, giving a better work experience for the modern way of working. Steelcase has a wide range of seating, desks and storage to make any space beautifully furnished.

    Individual work has changed in modern times, now 82% of white-collar office workers partner with others to get work completed. Individual space is shrinking and working in pairs is now a common collaboration, so workstations need to adapt to accommodate these new needs. Steelcase offer many desk and table ranges from flexible and ergonomic desks and adjustable benches to elegant management desks and modular meeting tables, all responding to the needs of individuals or team work and suiting any type of environment.

    Universities and schools are facing unprecedented challenges to their furniture requirements due to changes in society and technology. Clever furniture and space planning can support the challenges and expectations of modern educational furniture needs. Steelcase offers furniture that complies with these needs with comfortable, ergonomic seats, easily reconfigured flexible tables and modern technology and mobile presentation tools.

    More and more often meetings take place in more informal places, such as a lounge or reception area or even cafes, where ideas and information can be shared spontaneously. Steelcase provide several ranges of modular lounge sofas and soft seating, tables and welcoming reception counters.

    Furniture and space play a central role in hosting and aiding collaboration and connecting people to data, tools and other people. Steelcase offers specific meeting furniture ranges to respond to all types of collaboration modes including mobile and smart presentation tools, ergonomic conference chairs modular meeting tables.

    Healthy seating is important. Everything for seating in a Formula 1 racing cars or the cockpit of a jet fighter aircraft is designed for top performance, Steelcase adopt the same approach in the design of office seating solutions. With a large range of ergonomic and sustainable seating including comfortable and stackable visitor seats, adjustable task chairs, elegant executive chairs, and modular lounge seating.

    People have a need for their own personal space, even in today's modern office environment this has not changed. Steelcase offers versatile and ingenious space division systems that optimize the way offices are divided up. These shelves, screens and walls bring structure to open areas and offers support for the numerous differing types of task carried out during the working day.

    Storage is the hidden resource of an office and can make a difference to the business performance. Steelcase offers many clever and eco-designed storage ranges including modular cupboards, pedestals, management and executive storage, shelves and desk rails.

    New technologies have flooded into workplaces over the past two decades and revolutionized the way people now work. Technology is vital to success; it boosts collaboration by helping individuals or teams to access and share all their digital information easily and quickly.

    The body is not designed for sitting typing, holding a phone and staring at a computer screen all day long. One of the main goals of our work accessories range is to maximise the ergonomic comfort of people at work. Steelcase offers a range of worktools including computer and laptop support, connection units, flat screen monitor arms and desk lamps.

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