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    At Matki we adopt a completely design-led approach, creating products which are different by design and endure in style and performance. We are innovators in bathroom product design and we are constantly focused on creating products which will look and perform better, last longer and be easier to use and maintain. Every Shower Enclosure, Shower Tray and Shower Valve is designed by Matki in the UK.


    Our commitment to quality is a personal matter, nurtured by our long-standing teams over decades of experience and acute attention to detail. Beginning in design, we ensure each creation is challenged to surpass industry requirements, tested for endurance, stability and water retention to give our customers true confidence in our products. In manufacture, we make every product to order in the UK, with all elements assembled and finished by hand.


    Matki take pride in offering an after-sales and technical service in keeping with our dedication to high quality, ensuring Matki products continue to perform perfectly and look superb throughout the life of the bathroom. For expert fitting, our Matki Installations team are reactive and professional, providing a truly tailor-made service to fit around you and your bathroom project. Our customer service team is also on hand over the phone or for visits should the need arise for any specialist replacements or repairs.

    Our passion for customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind our work since Matki’s conception in 1971.

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    Churchward Road,

    BS37 5PL
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 01454 322 888

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