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    At HOWE, their furniture design philosophy is rooted in the Bauhaus tradition of combining design, simplicity, quality and functionality, and then taking it further. All HOWE furniture solutions have to be exceptional in both folding and stacking, freeing up space to be used in a variety of different ways.

    HOWE's mission is to develop, produce and sell dynamic design furniture with an international profile and appeal.

    HOWE's furniture has the highest level of functionality, flexibility and workability, providing optimal use of floor space for interacting, working, thinking and thriving.

    HOWE wants to influence people all over the world. Providing a positive impact on the way they live, work, learn and communicate and to develop furniture solutions that extend beyond cultural boundaries. Ultimately, HOWE wants to have an effect on how people think. HOWE hopes to achieve this in every environment by freeing the space in your surroundings, striving to create the absence of limitations. HOWE provides extreme functionality throughout, in every detail of every design, minimising the strain on the natural resources and providing customers with the lowest possible life-cycle cost based on durability and space requirements.

    HOWE provides freedom from restrictions, which in turn, creates the conditions for freedom of thought.

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    Howe UK Ltd
    82 Clerkenwell Road, London
    EC1M 5RF
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0) 20 3608 1939

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