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    ESWA was first established in Norway in the mid 1930s and ESWA Ltd in the UK in 1959. ESWA ltd has been designing, supplying and installing radiant heating systems throughout the country ever since.

    ESWA radiant heating systems have been installed in many thousands of buildings in the UK over the last forty five plus years of business. ESWA has worked with many of the largest and most prestigous names in housebuilding in the UK over the 45 years that we have been in operation. We continue to work with companies such as Michael Shanley Homes, Goldcrest, Redrow, David Wilson Homes, Weybridge Construction, Rushmon Homes and many others.

    INVISIBLE HEATING: No matter which method is used the benefits offered by ESWA radiant heating are clear, in fact they are invisible! One of the great advantages of ESWA radiant heating systems is just that, that they are invisible. Our floor and ceiling heating systems take up no wall space, leaving you free to arrange your furniture and furnishings as you wish and greatly simplify cleaning and re-decoration. The unobtrusive nature of our systems enables you to utilise all of the space you have paid for, with no unsightly radiators. The benefits of our heating systems go beyond that though; the reason that we heat our buildings at all is for comfort.

    The most important thing therefore in choosing a heating system should be comfort and ESWA's radiant heating systems give the highest comfort levels possible.

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    ESWA Ltd
    70 Woolmer Way, Bordon,
    GU35 9QF
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 01420 476 049

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