Ril Creed launch flagship retail store in Hong Kong.

Working with award-winning design studio openUU, Ril Creed launch flagship luxury handbag retail store in Hong Kong.

How were you commissioned?:    
openUU worked with luxury handbag label, Ril Creed, to launch their first flagship retail store in Hong Kong, and created a space that aligns with the brand ethos: clean, elegant and sustainable. Ril Creed’s retail shop is clean and elegant, matching it’s beautiful leather bags with polished lines, lightweight, softness, and professional style. The simplicity of the interior design allows the space to compliment Ril Creed’s products. The brand also likes to draw awareness to their sustainability aspect. By creating flexibility in the retail shop, openUU’s design helps to achieve a versatile space for the client’s changing needs, instead of purchasing new display shelving for the space. All of the display furniture pieces are easily movable, accompanied by three different styles of flexible walls: a natural wood peg wall, a metal frame hanging wall, and a wood and white shelf wall. These three flexible walls allow the client to update the visual merchandising as frequently as every week. The space caters to the client's needs, providing shelving as well as hanging spaces for a variety of display formats as Ril Creed sees fit. The pegs, metal frame, and shelves are all easily adjustable, without additional hardware. These frame the handbags and shoes being displayed; providing a neutral canvas for their wide range of products. The client has rearranged their furniture multiple times since launching the flagship store, has worked with other brands, and hosted yoga events.

What was the brief from the client and how much were they involved?:    
The client wanted flexibility in the design to suit their ever-evolving needs. openUU created a space where all the display furniture pieces are easily movable, accompanied by three different styles of flexible walls: a natural wood peg wall, a metal frame hanging wall, and a wood and white shelf wall.

How did your previous experience help you with this project?:    
openUU is an award-winning interdisciplinary design studio founded in 2011 that established its presence in Hong Kong in 2012, through the leadership of design duo, Caroline Chou, and Kevin Lim. The openUU design team brings their international background, unique design aesthetics and vision to approach each project with playful pragmatism and a focus on society and engagement to create innovative spaces for all to enjoy. Under Kevin Lim and Caroline Chou‘s leadership and vision, openUU focuses on space conversions and warehouse renovations in the commercial realm, with garnered expertise in the retail and F&B industry. Together, the duo creates spaces that encompass the surrounding environments and lifestyles through unique and dynamic design. openUU creates to engage with people and engages with people to create. In 2011, 2012 2013, and 2017, openUU was awarded Best-of-Year Awards and Recognition by Interior Design magazine for platform(1x2), Osage Open, modelScape, CIS Canteen, WCH 18A and Mean Noodles. In 2012, Hong Kong’s Perspective Magazine named openUU as one of Hong Kong’s top 40 designers under 40.

What problems or challenges did you face?:    
To create a flexible and ever-evolving retail space through movable shelving and hanging displays.

How do you think this project is pushing design forward? What makes it special?:    
Designing a space that draws awareness to the client's and the brand's efforts towards sustainability, is definitely a push forward in the industry. When design is able to create a versatile space that can constantly evolve and change, true magic happens. In addition, utilizing simplicity in an interior in order to allow the space to complement the retail brand's products, is another great push towards intentional design.

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