• Profitness Gym

    Studio Ardete were commissioned as the main designer for Profitness Gym in Kurukshetra, HARYANA.

  • Waind Gohil + Potter Architects / Core Collective Gym, London

    Hot from the USA is this new-style gym, where eating and socialising doesn’t necessarily have to go hand-in-hand with a sweaty work-out.

  • Dean Street Express, London, by Penson

    An exemplar for future NHS walk-in clinics has been established in Soho by Penson, using the historic location as an inspiration for its engaging interiors

  • Wokingham Medical Centre, Berkshire, by Barbara Weiss Architects

    An unused Nineties office block has been revitalised and extended to create a medical centre to cater for the increasing population of the town.

  • TCT Ward, Birmingham

    When teenagers have cancer they now have their own custom-designed hospital space to be treated in, where they can be private if they want, relax together and still be teenagers

  • Be Clinique Dental Surgery, Lisbon

    Design practice OPENLAB Architects took on the creation of a new dental clinic and added unique design touches that have pleased the commissioning client and customers alike

  • London Clinic Cancer Centre

    With patients having to be under ground for radio therapy treatment, the design challenge for Anshen + Allen was to make the environment as stress-free as possible, conjuring up clouds, flowers and views of the park