Burger & Lobster, Harvey Nichols, by designLSM

The simple and winning formula for restaurant chain burger & Lobster has been matched by designers designLSM for the chain's latest branch in London department store Harvey Nichols

There's nothing complicated about up-market restaurant chain Burger & Lobster. The chain, which opened its first London restaurant in 2011, works on the very simple premise of doing just two things - burger and lobster - really well.


Photo: designLSM

This audaciously simple concept demands a strong and simple design scheme to match, and restaurant and hotel designer practice designLSM has been responsible for designing each of the chain's restaurants to date, creating for each one a unique visual identity that goes with the restaurant's winning 'surf and turf' formula.


Booth seating references the classic American diner, the spiritual home of the burger, while lobster pots (main picture) represent the restaurant's more luxurious side. Photo: designLSM

The latest branch - the fifth - is inside London department store Harvey Nichols, a location the designers at designLSM say was slightly more challenging than those of previous projects.


Photo: designLSM

Say the designers: 'Burger & Lobster Knightsbridge presented a fresh challenge from the other four Burger & Lobster restaurants because of its situation within the department store. We worked closely with the client and the Harvey Nichols team to create an inviting restaurant that would attract Harvey Nichols' customers and successfully represent the increasingly familiar Burger & Lobster brand.'


Photo: designLSM

They continue: 'In terms of interior design, for Burger & Lobster Knightsbridge we concentrated on creating a distinctive space with a warm and cosy ambience, in contrast with the bright lights of the department store.'


Photo: designLSM

Certain design features carry through each of designLSM's schemes fotr Burger & Lobster's existing restaurants, and in the Harvey Nichols branch has its own notable features and materials including include lobster pot walls with script signs, timber faced kitchen panels and the trademark lobster tank housing the lobsters themselves.


Photo: designLSM


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