• Embossed Panel Collection

    This multi award-winning collection features 4 stunning embossed acoustic panel designs; Ion, Zen, Gem and Pico for wall and ceiling applications. Each with varying aesthetics inspired by geometric shapes and vertical linework. Made using 51% recycled PET from plastic bottles and utilising green energy to achieve beautiful tactile surfaces, while providing acoustic comfort to your interior spaces.

  • EchoPanel® Plain

    EchoPanel® is the original patent-protected acoustic panel with a fabric-like finish. As a single panel construction, it has a consistent colour throughout the depth of the panel. Available in 3 thicknesses: 7mm, 12mm and 24mm. EchoPanel® is an ideal solution for acoustic treatments for ceilings, walls, operable walls, workstation screes and free-standing partitions. Comprised of 100% PET (60% recycled).

  • EchoPanel® Precision Cuts

    EchoPanel® Precision Cuts feature a precision cut v-groove on 12mm and 24mm EchoPanel. This collection boasts timeless three-dimensional linework resembling wooden paneling. Longitude shows it’s linework in the vertical fashion. Empire is the latest design in this collection with beautiful balance of arches and vertical line work.

  • Array Baffles

    Array Baffle's are the perfect solution for a sustainable, aesthetic, acoustic ceiling solution. Array utilises EchoPanel® 12mm and 24mm thicknesses.

  • EchoPanel® Prints

    EchoPanel® Prints are double-sided printed design on EchoPanel® 12mm acoustic panel. Can be installed horizontally or vertically. Ideal for workstation screens, partitions or as a wall finish. Tilt is a cross-hatched mesh pattern. Trio features repeated rotated triangles. Frequency finds inspiration in sound and features matte or pearlescent ink finishes. Astro delivers striking interlocking linework.

  • Ascent Tile

    Ascent Tile is a three-dimensional formed tile, featuring the soft touch of Mura with advanced acoustic properties.

  • Wave and Dune Tile

    Dune Tile and Wave Tile offer substantial acoustic properties through their three-dimensional design profile for wall applications.

  • Balance Tile

    Balance Tile’s come in two designs, both made using EchoPanel® 24mm and deliver high performing sound absorption.

  • Ion duet

    Ion’s award-winning design is now featured as multi directional dual-sided panel for partitioning applications, including workstation screens and operable walls. Ion Duet is compressed from EchoPanel® 24mm.

  • Mura

    Mura is a 1.9mm thick surface finish, suitable for a range of applications including wrapped panels for operable walls, workstation screens and as an acoustic wallcovering.