• Woods

    The new officescape by Metrica


    Fantoni is 45°: the prominent feature of many of the Fantoni collections since the 60’s – operative and executive – has been the 45° edge that makes the tops appear slimmer and makes individual pieces of perfect size.

  • Mini

    Design: Fantoni Research Centre

  • Millerighe

    Millerighe is the latest addition to Fantoni’s Acoustic Paneling range: a sound-absorbing solution that adapts to the vertical cladding of interior volumes and has technical characteristics with high noise reduction. It determines a uniform environment, the millings vanish making the material aspect prevail.

  • Letwood

    Design takes infinite forms. Designed for both walls and ceilings, Letwood is an original concept combining innovative interior design and top quality acoustics for décors that are unique both visually and acoustically.

  • I-Wallspace

    I-Wallspace is an innovative wall panel system that is the result of a growing need to develop designs for all-round integration in the most complex architectural solutions.

  • I Wall Flush

    I-Wallflush is the next generation on from the historic I-Wallspace system, and it seeks to further demolish the concept of the wall as a visible, concrete barrier, minimizing everything superfluous (joins, overlaps, glazing beads, visible hinges).

  • Hug pod

    Pods are an innovative type of furniture, enclosing havens of privacy, with different dimensions and extremely high levels of comfort.

  • Hub

    Design : Matteo Ragni design studio

  • Climacustic

    Climacustic® is an exclusive system which combines thermal comfort, energy saving, sound quality and innovative design: a single product to save energy and upgrade life quality in every environment.