• Amtico Marine

    "The Amtico Marine collection is aimed at specifiers who are creating individual-level experiences and realising these personal touches at scale. Giving form to a vessel’s brand experience while delivering quality and service rooted in a deep understanding of the realities of shipbuilding."

  • Amtico Access

    "Made to the same exacting standards as all Amtico floors, Access loose lay LVT requires no permanent adhesive, so it can be laid quickly with minimal disruption, often directly onto an existing floor.

  • Amtico First

    "Created to the same high standard of design innovation that distinguishes every Amtico collection, First’s microbevel and detailed In-Register Embossed options achieve a highly realistic finish.

  • Amtico Foundry Carpet

    "Amtico Carpet enables you to coordinate a stylish range of complementary colours, textures and finishes to create effective transitions and focal points in multifunctional zones.

  • Amtico Cirro - PVC FREE

    "A resilient, PVC free flooring collection, Cirro is defined by its clarity of design and consideration for the environment.

  • Amtico Click Smart

    "Click Smart is Amtico’s loose lay rigid core LVT with integrated underlay. It has the same flooring qualities that you expect from Amtico, but its adhesive free application makes it quicker and easier to install.

  • Amtico Form

    Amtico Form is a collection of contemporary Wood and Stone designs with a distinctive rustic and textured feel. If your project requires the charm and character of real wood or stone, consider Amtico Form. LVT offers all of the design possibilities of natural products, but is easier to work with, specify, lay and maintain

  • Amtico Spacia 36+

    "Made for any commercial space where safety is paramount, Spacia 36+ LVT is made up of slip-resistant particles and antimicrobial technology, for long-lasting performance.

  • Amtico Spacia

    "All of Amtico’s outsanding design focused into a hard-working, streamlined collection, Spacia is our answer to the many complex needs of your commercial projects."

  • Amtico Décor

    An artisan collection of precision-cut decorative flooring, inspired by traditional ceramic tiles. Each beautiful Amtico Décor tile is hand-crafted and made-to-order to the highest standards.Individually cut and bevelled, Décor LVT floors closely resemble the aesthetic of ceramic.