• Millennium Nxtgen

    Millennium Nxtgen, a new generation of futureproof carpet tiles. Get the best of both worlds through the collection’s refined design and classic elegance.

  • Heritage Collection - Polder

    The Polders are an essential part of the Flemish landscape - vast, fertile regions that lend themselves perfectly to farming and provide a never-ending source of inspiration for our designers. These iconic views of high ridges and deep furrows, like sand sculptures wrought by the hand of time, are etched into our collective memory.

  • Heritage Collection - Haze

    Have you ever wondered about the hidden depths of misty mornings, where reality blurs into a dreamlike haze? With Haze, our collection of carpet tiles inspired by the Lys river, you can bring that sense of mystery and wonder into your space.

  • Heritage Collection - Meadow

    No road trip through Belgium is complete without a glimpse of the sweeping grasslands that define so many rural regions. These characteristic open fields provide a calming backdrop for trees, flowers, and often, livestock - a timeless image that captures the essence of the land itself.

  • Heritage Collection - Dune

    In the north-west corner of Belgium, the landscape is defined by the rhythmic ebb and flow of the tide against the sandy shores. Here, the dunes take on delicate shades and shapes, ever-changing with the passage of time and the relentless force of the sea. In our collective heritage, these grassy hills hold the echoes of childhood memories, of summer days spent by the water.

  • Handcraft Collection - Moss

    Explore our Moss collection—a homage to the often overlooked yet vital elements of our ecosystem.

  • Handcraft Collection - Leaf

    Discover the Leaf collection, a tribute to the fleeting beauty of fallen leaves, capturing the intricate patterns etched by the passage of time on each leaf.

  • Handcraft Collection - Willow

    Experience the Willow collection, resonating with the undulating lines and organic cadence of willow branches.

  • Handcraft Collection - Grind

    Grind, a collection inspired by the meandering, unpaved roads that carve through the landscape.

  • Artcore Collection - Mezzo

    Rooted in the philosophy of biophilia, Mezzo features a calming organic pattern that reconnects us to nature and offers many mental benefits.