Announcing the FX Awards 2019 Winners!

Lighting Product

Winner: Vault by Ateljé Lyktan/Fourmation

Vault by Ateljé Lyktan/Fourmation

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The idea behind Vault is simple, but the product is entirely new to the market. Having noticed a need for a lighting solution that can be easily installed without altering the interior space it occupies, London-based creative agency Fourmation came up with Vault – a completely modular, multifunctional lighting system that can be assembled using only three main components. Fourmation developed the concept in-house and then searched for a partner to provide the technical input. Ateljé Lyktan was the perfect collaborator, with its reputation as a progressive and experimental company.

Working with Ateljé Lyktan’s in-house engineers the team were able to prototype all elements of the product, test and perfect the junctions between the blocks and light bars, and experiment with different diffusers and optical options – ensuring the quality of light matched the strength of the concept. Vault gives users more control over their lighting environment and enables architects and interior designers to create their own concepts without being restricted by the space it occupies.

Especially well-suited for retail and office spaces, Vault can be installed easily because it requires only a small amount of components linked together with four-way connection blocks. Other features, such as the colour-changing and light animation functions, allow the user control over any environment. Available in three standard lengths of 1,200mm 1,800mm and 2,400mm, the light profiles can be connected to illuminate up, down and inwards to create very different light variations. The grid can also be used in conjunction with acoustic tiles or stretched fabric panels.

The judges said...

‘Simple and effective design to meet a range of requirements that are otherwise difficult to achieve’

Finalists & Judges’ Comments

Art by Arkoslight
‘A well-considered product’

Plus by Arkoslight
‘Compact and versatile’

Zero Track by Flos Architectural by Atrium
‘Adaptable and simple design provides a range of lighting solutions’

The Woodwave by Nulty Bespoke
‘Dramatic feature-lighting inspired by the musical ethos of the hotel’

‘Creative, clever and functional’

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