US gets eco-friendly gas station

Developed by Mark Jordan, in collaboration with architect Christopher Karpus, the Kangaroo Station in South Carolina, Highway 61 in Knightsville, has been designed to be eco-friendly.

The Knightsville Kangaroo gas station features an overlapping curved canopy and a black-metal roof and metal-clad store. Built of concrete, made partly from fly ash from coal-fired power plants, the counter tops of the station are made from recycled glass. The cabinets are made from pressed wheat while the paint of the station has few volatile organic compounds to taint the air.

This station also features a canopy with two curved overlapping roofs and has LED lights to save energy and Sola Tubes to let natural light enter the store through several small openings even in the restrooms. Solar panels positioned on the roof out back create power to keep the beer cold and provide a digital readout of exactly how many pounds of carbon dioxide are being saved.

Jordan was reported stating that these novel steps added about 10% to the station's cost.

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