Top Ten in January and February

Our pick of the products new to market

Words by Sophie Tolhurst

1. Colonnade

Inspired by the public colonnade, this product transforms an open-plan office into a more inclusive, collaborative and flexible space. The free-standing modular system supports a wide range of accessories and equipment, and can be retrofitted to existing KI products.

2. Endless
By Davide Groppi

Endless By Davide GroppiImage Credit: Davide Groppi

Endless is an adhesive tape that conducts electricity, allowing Groppi’s Sistemi products to be placed anywhere, and on any surface. It is available in matt white and matt black finishes – to blend in or create graphic lines as desired.

3. Studio Moods
By IVC Commercial

Studio Moods By IVC Commercial

This LVT collection provides 107 off-the-shelf QuickShip patterns for quick and easy one-off feature floors. The new, improved collection features a wide variety of patterns as well as wood, colour and stone looks, and is suitable for commercial settings.

4. Easy Peasy table lamp
By Luca Nichetto for Lodes

Easy Peasy table lamp By Luca Nichetto for Lodes

These portable and rechargeable table lamps consist of a metal base housing the LED light and a methacrylate diffuser wrapped by a glass bell that filters the light. The rounded knob controls dimming, and allows the lamp to be carried.

5. Tip Ton RE
By Vitra

Tip Ton RE By VitraImage Credit: Florian Boehm

Vitra’s first recycled plastic chair is a version of Barber & Osgerby’s 2011 design for the brand, a onematerial chair defined by its ability to change seat angle without a complex mechanism. Tip Ton RE uses recycled polypropylene from locally sourced household waste.

6. Hideaway Wall Desk
By Bisley

Hideaway Wall Desk By BisleyImage Credit: Keith Davies

The new Belong collection reinvents a selection of Bisley’s products for the homeworker. The Hideaway Wall Desk is a space-saving, wall-mounted desk that provides a fold-down work surface, as well as a system to store desk essentials.

By Manital

NoHAND By Manital

Developed in response to Covid-19, the patented design facilitates opening doors with the elbow and forearm, protecting hands from contamination by bacteria and viruses. Four finishes are available: satin or polished stainless steel, and black or white epoxy paint.

8. Good Measures
By InterestingProjects and Puck Studio

Good Measures By InterestingProjects and Puck StudioImage Credit: Theo Christelis

A collaboration between studios offers vinyl wayfinding to encourage social distancing measures without making work environments ‘feel like danger zones’. The modular system has a range of graphic styles, for customisation to suit individual businesses.

9. Aslak Chair
By Ilmari Tapiovaara

Aslak Chair By Ilmari Tapiovaara

Designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara, the Aslak was first produced in 1958. It is stackable, light and durable, with short armrests that allow it to sit close to tables. It is made in Italy from regionally sourced beech, and is available in five colours and custom designs.

10. Major Frequency
By Milliken

Major Frequency By Milliken

Milliken’s new carpet plank collection is inspired by sound waves, aiming to explore the relationship between movement and sensory sound. It comprises two patterns, Distortion and Vibration, and is available in six colour options.

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