The World’s Coolest Car Parks 2018

# 2: AZ Sint-Lucas Car Park (Ghent, Belgium)

Architects: Abscis Architecten

Photo: Dennis Desmet Photographs

Created by Abscis Architecten, this project was split into two parts, with the car park situated over two different buildings. This has created an open-plan feeling to the building design, which juxtaposes with the tight grid of the parking spaces throughout the car park.

Photo: Dennis Desmet Photographs

Each of the two buildings has been surrounded by white, metal balustrades that feature thousands of small, geometric perforations – bringing another element of contrast to the overall design. Throughout the building, greenery has been used to enhance the design; trees provide shade and cooling at ground area, and on the floors above, different native plants have been used to brighten up the space.

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