The world's 10 best mazes

5. Ashcombe Maze, Mornington Peninsula, Australia


Planted over 40 years ago, Ashcombe is Australia's oldest and largest hedge maze, located near Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

The maze is part of the Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

It has a unique lush, lime-green texture made from a thousand cupressus macrocarpa plants, and due to their evergreen nature, maintains this year-round.


The maze stands over three metres high and is two metres thick. Its organic and rounded look is achieved through its distinctive maintenance techniques - instead of geometrically slicing and dicing, Ashcombe uphold a constant trimming (three or four times a year) which provides the authentic shape and exquisite green.

Amusingly, when trimming the hedge the gardeners must put the overcuts in a wheelbarrow and solve the maze in order to get out, making the entire process take almost a month to complete.

Initially the plants were dispersed at one metre intervals however over time the hedge has grown abundantly, causing the paths to narrow - adding all the more to the fun and mystery.

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