The world's 10 best mazes

2. Richardson Adventure Farm corn maze, Illinois, US


Richardson Adventure Farm is the epitome of a successful family-run business and champions the title of the world's largest corn maze at 33 acres.

Not just your average corn maze, owners George and Wendy Richardson along with their family clan, go above and beyond. Wooden bridges, stairs, checkpoints, signposts, games and more, accompany the maze, providing hours of fun for children and the like. It's clearly working as last year brought 70,000 people in attendance over September and October.

Each year the Richardson's will conjure up a new idea or theme for the maze, put forth the concept in 'scribble' form with digital images and hand drawings to their designer MazePlay.


2013 featured the Beetles - one of the Richardson's favourite designs

'We are thinking and looking for design ideas all the time. Something timely that we think will make a great picture and be interesting to our customers,' said George and Wendy Richardson, owners of the farm.

Using GPS hooked into his computer, the designer uses a small tractor to cut the design into the field, taking 14-18 hours over a few days. Once the corn is three to four feet tall and all the props have been taken in, Wendy goes through with a tractor and large rototiller to widen and smooth-out the trails.


The Richardson's designer, MazePlay, cutting the initial design

This maze has four sectors with five games, taking almost two hours to complete all 24 checkpoints with the map provided. Once all the checkpoints have been located and hole-punched, the participant receives a well-earnt vibrant souvenir certificate.

The Richardson family have been in the business for 16 years now, passing on the business through the generations. They add something new to the maze each year, 2014 bringing a 30-horse carousel and this year features a gift shop, large bathrooms, a tracked train and many other improvements. Not to mention the side business of selling Christmas trees. Joyful and a pleasure, the Richardson's embody and project a friendly, family atmosphere.

'We have a lot of fun with this business!' said the Richardson's.


The 2015 design which, at the time of publication, was being cut into the maze


2011 commemorated the US military

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Main image: The 2014 maze design

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