The world's 10 best-designed bus stations

Busbahnhof Poppenbüttel

Design: Blunck + Morgen Architekten

Location: Germany

Busbahnhof Poppenbüttel Blunck + Morgan Architekten

Picture: Blunck + Morgen Architekten

This bus station, awarded Building of the Year 2009 by the Hamburg Architecture and Engineering Association (AIV e.v Hamburg), was designed by architects Blunck-Morgen, with the intention of sculpting an airborne edifice. The 1800 m² wingshaped roof seems to be floating lightly above, which is the striking design element in the modernised bus station that is built like an island and has eight bus bays around it.

Busbahnhof Poppenbüttel Busbahnhof Poppenbüttel

Picture: Blunck + Morgen Architekten

Steel supports help it stay afloat, with only a small amount of equipment making up the flooring, emphasising the hovering nature of the wing roof. Bent along two axes, the armour of ALUCOBOND fuses flawlessly with the membranous surface with steel supports buttressing the sail.

Busbahnhof Poppenbüttel

Picture: Blunck + Morgen Architekten

Busbahnhof Poppenbüttel. Photo: Maike Hansen

Picture: Maike Hansen


The world's 10 best designed bus stations for 2016

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