The Green Room invites you to confess

Confess your sins and enjoy many more remarkable artists at The Other Art Fair, now on at the Old Truman Brewery

In an alternative experience like no other, Rebecca Mason's Green Room at The Other Art Fair is an intriguing concept.

Designed to let occupants relieve themselves of their sins, the Green Room calls upon meditation techniques, neon-inspired art and the Green Fairy (i.e. absinthe), to encompass a mythical illusion.

Visitors must wear a mask before entering the room and are met by Rebecca Mason herself in an emerald green floor-length dress with a peacock feather collar.

Mason's confessional consultant welcomes visitors to 'The Neon Health Service Department of Light Therapy'. The concept behind the green room was that it is normally a space where actors can relax and be themselves.

Mason's artwork adorns the space. Neon pieces are the main focus and use words such as 'obsession' and 'absinthe' (in which the lights change to exemplify the 'sin').

A plush leather armchair in the corner proves to be the designated area for confession.

After being put through a meditation by the consultant, visitors are asked to remove their masks and have the opportunity to confess their sins while sipping from a crystal glass of absinthe.

Mason's neon works draw from everyday feelings and the light is used to reflect the darkness within human life, existence and emotion. Much like the 'absinthe' sign flashing to 'sin', other pieces convey a strong message. For instance the neon sign 'alone' alternates to 'one' to convey the power of self-reliance.

The Other Art fair is now in its 10th year running and welcomed back esteemed guests including Tracey Emin of Emin international.


Tracey Emin, 'But Yea' (Signed), 2015. Poster, 70 x 50cm, edition of 500

Sharing the warehouse at the Old Truman Brewery is the Moniker Art Fair which includes contemporary artist Lauren Baker's textured chandeliers in association with Tequila Patron.

Another eye-catching piece was the collaboration of vintage-inspired company, Tatt Light, and the anonymous North London street artist, Pegasus, with 'Amy in Lights' to echo the revered Amy Winehouse.

ghtd'Amy in Lights'

The Other Art Fair:
Old Truman Brewery, London E16QL
When: 15-18 October 2015
Friday 16 October 12pm-9pm
Saturday 17 October 11am-7pm
Sunday 18 October 11am-6pm

For more information, visit the website.

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