The 10 Best Public Toilet Designs of 2017

#4 : Minturn Mining Toilet

Design: The Town of Minturn, LaN Architecture - Monika Wittig, LGM 3D Studios and Noble Welding 

Location: Minturn, Colorado, USA

Two hours west of Denver lies the tiny town of Minturn; founded in 1904, the town carries a rich history of mining, so it makes sense that their public toilets represent the entrance to a Rocky Mountain mine. Carved, wooden ripples, steel butterflies and copper-coloured walls all make for an immersive experience.

Surprisingly, considering the town's location, these uniquely fabricated, functional public toilets were created using 3D technology - and cost  $100,000 to build. Minturn design director Janet Hawkinson said: ‘"Our public restrooms prove how great it is to combine art, architecture and creativity. It changes moods, places and people."

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