The 10 Best Designed Cafes in the World

#8 Cafe Ki

Tokyo, Japan


Ki means tree in Japanese, an apt name for this minimalist, monochrome cafe in Tokyo.

Coffee-coloured wooden poles are one of the few design features in this tranquil space. These steel 'trees' form the legs of the tables, but their branches are also perfect for hanging hats, coats and bags.

What do we love about it? Although the tree-like accents are minimal, the interior not only evokes a sense of calm, but the trees help maintain a comfortable distance from everyone else, with the branches dividing the space on the tables.


Japanese design office id inc. designed everything in this cafe, from the interior through to the graphics, staff uniforms, website and original products.


Though some people will prefer a cafe with more comfort, we are drawn to this space for its simplicity, its Zen-like feeling and the way the white furniture almost seems to disappear against the white walls and floor - the perfect antidote to the overstimulation of modern life.

(Photos: © id inc.)

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