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Cosmic Collection is an out of this world lighting collection by Atelier001, which features beautifully hand crafted and finished metals

Words by Emily Martin

Product Cosmic Collection, by Atelier001

LUXURY LIGHTING brand Atelier001 is dedicated to craftsmanship. The studio aims to preserve traditional methods of artisan design, exchange knowledge and experiment with materials and finishes, resulting in exquisite lighting pieces. Each creation honours the makers’ authentic skills and decades of experience with planned – and accidental – results, which are often surprising and beautiful.

Looking at its Cosmic Collection, which is inspired by terrestrial and extraterrestrial textures of planet-like forms, the collection is achieved through hand-spun, concentric brass shapes and metal patinas. These surface patinas are the metal workers’ canvas of painting; an ‘alchemical’ process of oxidation, heat application, acid and pigments create an almost accidental interaction between the material and elemental factors.

The handmade processes give each piece an individual touch, resulting in a striking series of lights. The making process starts with curving the reflector plates over a wooden mould. Small patters, a result of the brass which has been spun over the master mould, are embraced and embellished on chosen patina finishes. Once the brass shades are completed, they are enhanced with dimmable LED elements. Depending on the finish selected, the shades are combined with either brass or bronze frames.

The handmade process gives each piece an individual touch
The handmade process gives each piece an individual touch

‘Made with heat, strength, time and experience, these beautiful objects are not only lights, but an accumulation of dedication and hours spent on each piece,’ says Eva Menz, creative director of Atelier001.

The collection also now includes Cosmic Orbit, a range of ceiling lights inspired by cosmic constellations. For more information check out the website.

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