Stunning staircases: 6 examples of amazing staircase design

Paper Factory Hotel, New York, USA

Architect / Designer: Steven Wakenshaw; DHD Architecture & Interior Design, in collaboration with Gal Sela / The Sela Group. 

Build where a 100-year-old paper factory once stood, the Paper Factory Hotel is a boutique hotel that has embraced industrial design – from its steam-punk detailing to eclectic but functional seating. Each of the hotel’s rooms has been designed to excite guests and create a sense of serenity, with earthy tones and contemporary finishes.

Image: David Ayash

Much of the design of the Paper Factory Hotel was based on the heritage of the building, but one of the most stunning details commemorating this past is the lobby’s staircase. A dramatic, circular structure situated in the Paper Factory Hotel’s main lobby, this staircase comprises of a central column that has been covered in hundreds of hardcover books. Designed by DHD Architecture & Interior Design, the structure incorporates the tower of books and different industrial materials, creating a truly unique staircase.

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

Architect: Space Copenhagen

Designed down to every detail by famed Danish architect, Arne Jacobeson, the Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen, was first opened in 1960 and is the only hotel ever designed by Jacobsen. From the façade to the cutlery, his design makes the hotel one of the most recognisable examples of Danish modernist architecture and interior design – and now this world famous icon has gone an extensive renovation.

Image: Rickard L. Eriksson

Within the lobby, the renovation followed Jacobsen’s original intention for the space to be a lively, public area. One of the major original features – the magnificent suspended staircase - was preserved; at the time of its original design the staircase pushed the boundaries of construction and engineering. For a modern look, leather wrapping on the handrails have been reintroduced, and a bespoke lighting unit has been hung from the ceiling above the structure to emphasise the spectacle.

PUBLIC Hotel, New York, USA

Architect: Herzog & De Meuron

Launched by American entrepreneur Ian Schrager, and designed by renowned architecture practice Herzog & De Meuron, the PUBLIC Hotel is situated in Lower Manhattan, New York. Set across the road from Roosevelt Park on Chrystie Street, the Hotel also has a residential component; the architects had to keep this in mind when designing the building and all its public spaces, using plywood as cladding for the ceilings to create a connection between the concrete wall surfaces and the ceiling.

Image: Iwan Baan

On first arrival to the PUBLIC Hotel, visitors have no choice but to use the escalator enclosure to enter the hotel. Not quite a staircase, this escalator deserves a mention as it gives guests a dramatic, warm welcome to the building. Its raw, stainless steel tunnel has highly reflective inner surfaces lit with copper-coloured lights, giving the illusion of an infinity of escalators and inviting visitors to journey further into the hotel.

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