Racing legend Sir Stirling Moss has a need for speed, with his tea

Make a cup of tea as fast as a Formula One pit-stop

Former British Formula One racing driver Sir Stirling Moss enjoys speed in many aspects of his life, including the kitchen. Having renovated his Mayfair home over the past three years, Moss has recently installed the instant steaming hot water tap: the 'InSinkErator'.

With a love of both gadgets and speed, it seems 'InSinkErator's' products have hit the nail on the head with this one. Now, Moss can make a cup of tea as fast as a Formula One pit-stop. How's that for speed?


Sir Stirling Moss thanks InSinkErator's UK Sales Manager Kevin Carr personally for his InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap

Moss is content with his choice, having used 'InSinkErator' products for 35 years and even shipped some over from the US to his London home. He says:

'Technology is all about making life easier and more exciting. Who wouldn't want the joy of having everything you need on tap.

''s terrific, it's so fast and I can honestly say it is the most used item in our kitchen.'

Main image: Sir Stirling Moss using his new InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap

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