The world's 10 best public toilets for 2015

#5 Retractable urinals: UriLift

London, Amsterdam


Designer: UriLift International BV

Location: Various including London

With its innovative approach to combating street violence and public urination, we rate the UriLift.

To cater for the increasing problem of public urination, UriLift International BV has designed a toilet that rises from the ground during the sociable night time hours and sinks below during the daytime.


These pop-up urinals are placed in various hotspots to curb the problem. Over 100 are installed and locations include London, Borough of Westminster, Lambeth, Reading, Colchester, Taunton, Newquay, Belfast, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and many more.


hsfReading 2003 at local town hall and market

Above you can see the UriLift in full height, and how it would appear during the day - almost completely hidden from passers-by.

Councillor Lib Peck, Cabinet member for environment was behind the initiative:

'Urinating in the street at night is antisocial and a constant source of complaint from residents and businesses.'

This electronic toilet gadget has been supported by many more council members including Doug Perry, Head of Street Care, who spoke about Lambeth. It has resonated as a cost-effective and innovative way to prevent public urination, plus they don't require planning permission, making it a faster solution.

Images courtesy UriLift International BV

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