Pixel HUT 3.0 shines down on the Marlborough Sports Garden

The third iteration of HUT Architecture’s Pixel HUT stretches over the heads of pedestrians at the Marlborough Sports Garden.

The Pixel HUT, a project by HUT architecture in partnership with Rise Management Consultant, was originally created in a forest in East Sussex – in its second iteration, it took on an immersive life by inhabiting a gallery space as a back drop for a feast. Growing larger with every new location it finds itself in, Pixel HUT 3.0 now characterises a public urban space in south London.

Each time Pixel HUT’s location and context changes, the structure adapts; now installed at BOST’s Marlborough Sports Garden, the pixelated canopy stretches over the heads of pedestrians. The structure’s original concept was as a visual and interactive shelter, which would be used to challenge the identity and function of the primitive hut – and Pixel HUT 3.0 continues this theme.  

Through deconstructing and reconstructing a hut’s universal elements, HUT Architecture have created a new social space that loosely reflects our need for shelter. While Pixel HUT 2.0 took many of its influences from modern technology, the hut’s third iteration embraces its outdoor setting; dichroic lenses have been used on the roof-pixels, and are illuminated by the sunlight shining through them.

Pixel HUT 3.0 was installed as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2018, and formed a backdrop to the Great Get Together Bankside in June. The interactive, playful environment is the perfect, family-friendly public space, full of colour and offering shade from the hot sun.

Pixel HUT 3.0 was originally set to be open until around the 19th of July, but thanks to its success during the London Design Festival, the structure will continue to be suspended in the Marlborough Sports Garden on a semi-permanent basis. The structure, which is open with free entry from 10am to 6pm each day, will continue to stay standing thanks to the continued support of RISE and BOST.


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