One to Watch: bahraini—danish

our latest one to watch is bahraini—danish, a design and architecture studio based across Bahrain and Denmark

Words by Sophie Tolhurst
Images by Christian Vennerstrøm and Anders Sune Berg


bahraini—danish is an architecture and design studio, established in Bahrain in 2016 by Batool Alshaikh, Maitham Almubarak and Christian Vennerstrøm Jensen. With Alshakh and Almubarak in Bahrain and Vennerstøm Jensen in Denmark, the studio starts projects digitally, working through dialogue and a democratic approach, and collaborating with local artisans and craftspeople.


The studio is named for the historical links between Bahrain and Denmark in areas such as archaeology, architecture and dairy production, and highlights its members’ own mixed cultural heritage, using the investigation of these differences to create radical pieces and collections.


1. Blue Velvet Colonnade, Kvadrat KNIT! Exhibition 2020

A soft architectural installation commissioned for the Kvadrat KNIT! Exhibition in 2020 uses the flexibility of textile to upend the idea of the colonnade as a structural element. Gold embroidery on the blue Kvadrat Febrik tells the story of a Bahraini town, A’ali, undergoing rapid change.

2. Models! Installation for Amman Design Week, 2019

An assorted still life of models, furniture and useful objects plays with scale – moving between the cityscape and a living room – inviting the onlooker to question the status of each of its parts.

3. Bench 01 and Bedside Tables Left and Right, Mindcraft Digital Exhibition 2021

Bench 01 is made of CNC routed pieces of solid walnut timber, and the Bedside Tables of rosa marble. The tables’ chunky design is described as an ‘overzealous use of material’ that ‘outperforms’ their use as a simple bedside table, while the ‘humble’ bench follows grand engineering principles.


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