LOVE design new brewing floor for Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin has had a revamp and creative agency LOVE are behind it.

This is LOVE’s second immersive design for Guinness. As the brewing process is integral to the Guinness brand, LOVE has incorporated aspects of this process in its design. Visitors can learn about the creation of the iconic drink by reading from information boards, learning about recipes and hearing the story behind Guinness.

Dave Palmer, ECD and founder of LOVE, said: “Guinness is one of the world’s truly iconic brands - and the Guinness Storehouse is one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions. Getting to understand how unique the Guinness brewing process truly is - and being able to create a memorable and immersive experience to bring it to life - was a real privilege”.

Key elements of the brewing process inspired the design, lighting and colour used in the new brewing store. The roasting room uses orange lighting to create the sense that visitors are in the oven. Moving on to the fermentation process, the floor becomes much more mechanical with temperature dials and exposed piping creating an immersive experience for visitors. A huge wall of blue bubbles was inspired by the 30 million air bubbles that are present in each pint.

Palmer said: “We wanted to create a rich visitor experience, which acted to remind the world why Guinness is so iconic. We didn’t want to display generic brewing steps - we wanted to highlight the unique selling points – the champion Guinness yeast, the unique roasting process, the rich heritage, as well as the amazing people involved and their brewing expertise.”

Using a combination of special and lighting design, LOVE has created an interactive exhibit that features new film footage and photography to tell the Guinness story.

Visit the Guinness Storehouse today!

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