Istanbul Design Biennial presents A School of Schools

Currents School

Location: Yapi Kredi Culture Centre
Highlight: Studio Folder, Wave Computing

For this year’s Biennial, the Yapi Kredi Culture Centre will host the Currents School, an exhibition exploring the flow, networks, distribution and hierarchies of information and subjects. At the Currents School, an interactive installation named Wave Computing will use maps of public radio towers to help visualise and chart – in real time – the marine traffic that traverses the Bosphorus strait every day. The aim of the installation is to raise awareness of the straight’s traffic flows, but to also reflect on ‘open data’ and its protocols.

Scales School

Location: Pera Museum
Highlight: Studio AATB, EYESS

Investigating the fluidity of institutionalised norms, standards and values, the Scales School at the Pera Museum will highlight the biases and assumptions we make in our social, economic and intellectual agreements. For the exhibition, Studio AATB has created EYESS, a large scale, interactive installation that will see two eyes displayed on an LED screen on top of Istanbul's Marmara Pera Hotel. Looking in the direction of the International Space Station, the eyes are re-contextualising astronomy into an easy, simple and surprising moment of pause.

Digestion School

Location: Studio-X Istanbul
Highlight: Mae Ling Lokko, Prototype Series

Image: Kayhan Kaygusuz

The Digestion School, held at Studio-X Istanbul, will consider how lifelong education and learning manifests, learning from our patterns of consumption, food infrastructure and different cultural rituals. As part of the exhibition, Mae Ling Lokko will present their prototype, Ghanaian Kitchen - a kitchen pavilion that responds to two drivers: food and human activity. The project proposes a design-led model for research and development, with the final piece hoping to showcase two chosen kitchen case-studies as a site for Ghanaian innovation, performance art and education.

To find out more about the fourth annual Istanbul Design Biennial and A School of Schools, visit the website here.

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