If Only...

... we had spaceships like the one from the Disney film Flight of the Navigator, says designer Mark Brear, of Resonate Interiors.

1986. A year to remember. I was five. It was the year a boy has an adventure with a wisecracking alien spaceship that can time travel, in this case from 1978 to futuristic 1986.

Disney’s Flight of the Navigator was a seminal film for me. It wasn’t the storyline or acting that particularly inspired, some of the jokes were kinda funny (cite alien belching after eating David’s hat) but the spaceship itself grabbed the most attention.

A sleek, metamorphosing metallic object capable of any speed and time, dipping into space or skimming the sea at a few hundred miles an hour. The CGI back then of course was far cruder than today’s incredible realistic standards, but back then it made a deep impression and seemed to evoke a future beyond our reach.

spaceships were like this

In today’s era of convergence in computing transport and AI, a spaceship like this might even become commonplace. It’s still exciting to think that tech could progress to a point where the experience of travel could be so boundless. Someday, the commute to Southwark might even be stress-free in one of these, or go skim the edge of the atmosphere for an orbital sunset odyssey.

Mark Brear


Mark is senior designer at Resonate Interiors with more than 10 years of design spent in London and UK workplace design. He typically gets involved in all aspects of the design process to see the concept through to reality and create places where people want to be.

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