If Only...

...there was a compelling vision for the towns and cities of the UK, says architect Philip Eccles, of Bennetts Associates

There is huge disparity between towns and cities across the country, with some areas experiencing unprecedented development and growth while other areas – often the smaller towns and cities – are struggling to get the resources they need to improve. If only there was a compelling vision for all of our towns and cities...

One that allows councils to plan in a way that recognises the different needs and characters of their area and empowers them.

One that creates high-quality and affordable housing that strengthens local communities.One that provides opportunities to learn through a network of fully funded cultural and educational spaces.

One that connects people through quick, clean and accessible infrastructure. One that embeds biodiversity right at the heart of urban areas in a safe public realm.

One with people at its heart. Perhaps, then we will see the end to ad-hoc, piecemeal and divisive approach to planning and development in the UK.

Philip Eccles
Interested in how buildings relate to their historic, social and environmental context, Phil first joined Bennetts Associates in 2007 and rejoined after finishing his studies in 2010, working on the Gateway Buildings for St Antony’s College, Oxford.

Philip Eccles

His main responsibility was the detailed design of the stone and bronze facades, and as construction developed he became involved in all aspects including stair, joinery and landscape design. He subsequently led the refurbishment and rejuvenation of the historic shell at the Midland Goods Shed project in King’s Cross. More recently he was involved in Gaydon Triangle, a new research and development facility for Jaguar Land Rover, working initial concepts up to a detailed design.

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