If Only... we could live in an off-grid city

If only…we could live in an off-grid city, writes Neil Rawson of Atelier Tristan Auer, Wilson Associates Paris

If only I could live in an off-grid city producing my own food and energy; a city as a natural energy generator of giant forests filtering the air and purifying the water.

My house would be conceived as a giant tree, adaptable to the climate – moving for shade in the summer and sun during the winter, or at various times of the year to live with others or apart. Surrounded by greenery, the house becomes its own urban farm, from where you dive into lakes and use the surrounding natural environment.

It would be a city where we move around in electric- or air-powered devices – electric planes could take you around while you work – and where we recycle our old tech (an old sailing boat could be your office for the day); a place where you don’t have to worry for the bees!

Neil Rawson

A qualified British architect, Rawson has worked in London, Paris and Florence in the worlds of architecture, interior design, decoration and teaching – a useful experience for the creative projects Atelier produces. He is working on a train for a Belmond/Cheval Blanc hotel in Burgundy, which produces its own wine, and a 4,000 sq m mansion in London.

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