If Only... music could transform

our surroundingsā€¦

says James Lyons, in-house CGI artist at Spaceinvader, together with his studio team.

AS A STUDIO, music is incredibly important to us. It stimulates and absorbs us as we work, a willing partner in the creative process. Our ‘If Only’ idea came from imagining how it would be if the mood and ideas generated by music quite literally had the power to transform not only our emotional landscape, but the environment around us too – not via VR or headsets, but totally literally, so that the space responds to the lyrics and the vibe, transforming into shapes and forms triggered both by the lyrics and by the listener’s response. We asked the studio for some favourite tracks and I drew them up. The sofa might turn into salted caramel ice cream; someone else’s desk might start sprouting grass – whilst the designer moves backwards – and my car journey might turn into a flaming hot ride (minus the road rage of course).

James Lyons

James Lyons is SpaceInvader’s inhouse CGI artist, working closely with individual project teams to help bring to life creative concept ideation across workplace, hospitality, residential and amenity space schemes. After spending time in the architectural sector, James became a self-taught CGI artist, with full support from SpaceInvader as he developed his skills. spaceinvaderdesign.co.uk

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