If Only...

it was possible to create a smart wallpaper that could sense the mood of its inhabitants. Says Natascha Maksimovic, Nat Maks

IT COULD change colour to react to the atmosphere of the room. Whether in a highstake meeting to keep a sense of calm, a family home to provide a sense of harmony, or a hotel to help reconnect a couple, the colour palette would soften or intensify depending on what was required.

Colour has always been a fascination and drives my creative journey. It is essential to my work to understand how my colour palettes will make my customers feel. They can be soothing, energising, uplifting and harmonising. But if a wallpaper was able to change colours depending on our moods, without us even being aware, it could impact our lives in a positive way.

NAT MAKS is Natascha Maksimovic, a designer, artist and wallpaper maker based in Margate, Kent. The studio is currently working in the time-honoured art form of ‘Suminagashi’ marbling, creating innovative art pieces by fusing traditional techniques with contemporary and expressive colour palettes.

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