If only...

AI was the key to unlock a Utopian Community, says Enora Nydell of Lumsden Design

We ask designers and architects what they would create if there were no boundaries in design.

IF ONLY… In a Utopian society, every citizen had the freedom to control their space without limiting others’ spaces, and money had no power over people. Everyone was an architect and designer, and creativity had no boundaries. The environment was respected, and resources were abundant and renewable. People had a deep connection to the elements, the Earth, and the Universe. They could create and design their space while respecting and harmonising with the environment. The citizens thrived in harmony with nature, and there was no competition between neighbours. People could share and cooperate to achieve their individual dreams. The Utopian world allowed people to express themselves without any societal restrictions, and they could create any space that their hearts desired. The society was based on the principle of cooperation and creativity, which made it a beautiful and imaginative place to live.

Could AI technology help make this utopia possible?

Enora Nydell is a talented designer known for her ability to create links between the visitor journey and the story where the design takes place. She believes in pushing boundaries to free creativity, for this ‘If Only…’ she was inspired by utopian pioneers like Yona Friedman, Super Studio, Peter Cook and Group Utopies.

She started her process by imagining a ‘Museum Without Walls’.

Exploring the use of AI as a tool, we are continuing to ask ourselves how it can benefit us in the future, at a time when it’s having such an impact on the creative industry.

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