If Only…

We could live in a more flexible and responsive way. says mother and son, Pernille Bonser and Henry Staffordbugg, resonate interior architecture

IF ONLY… Have you ever pondered how deer antlers grow so fast (antlers are the fastest growing bones in the animal kingdom) and are so responsive to their environments? If only we could live in a more flexible and responsive way. Biomimicry is the way forward. If we could imitate this incredible feat of nature and grow structures that supported their uses and requirements on an annual basis. Creating supporting floating constructions that utilised height instead of land mass, developing spaces that supported hybrid working practices or live/workspaces, or residential units. They would last while they were useful and then gradually decompos sustainably and new structures would emerge. Using natural materials that naturally formed and grew rapidly, reacting to their surroundings and the ever-changing seasons.


Resonate was born out of the desire to create memorable environments – special spaces that engage with the occupants on many levels. Our purpose has always been to craft award-winning designs that create productive and harmonious workplaces.

Launched in 2012, our studio has grown steadily, both in size and stature. From our first commission to today, we apply the same level of attention to detail and passion to everything we do. www.resonateinteriors.com   

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