If Only…

we treated hotel interiors like film sets

Imagine a world in which architecture draws from the magic of film sets. We could carve a space between the boundaries of fantasy and reality; a space where storytelling is a tool used to envisage a surrealist world within the boundaries of a set.

My ideal hotel interior would be a stage upon which I direct a love story between my two favourite films. This scene marries the whimsical architecture of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel and the striking disturbance of the elevator scene in The Shining. Without any physical restrictions, I could flood the scene with freshly squeezed orange juice, consume you with vivid, graphic orange, and engulf your senses with sweetsmelling neroli flowers. But, for now, it exists purely in the realms of my imagination.

Chantelle Chong is an architectural designer from London based design studio Holloway Li. She joined the firm in August 2022 and has since worked on various exciting commercial and residential projects from concept to construction. Chantelle graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture where she achieved a first class honours degree. She has a passion and imagination for designing poetic and cinematic spaces, furniture and objects through colour and material experiments.

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