How Virtual Reality can change the face of architectural design

Designing a new home is always a gamble. No matter how many intricate plans you see before-hand you can never be certain how the finished design will look.

But what if it doesn’t have to be like that? Urbanist Architecture doesn’t think it has to be and that’s why they are one of the first firms to use Virtual Reality (VR) technology in their projects with Urbanist 4D Reality.

Using the latest and greatest VR gadgets, including VR headsets, drones and bespoke software, Urbanist Architecture is able to create an accurate simulation of what their client’s house will look like when it is finished.

Ufuk Bahar BA(Hons) MA, managing director of Urbanist Architecture Said:

“The architectural and design industry is constantly evolving and developing, and today’s innovative technological advances demands equally unique and creative design solutions. Urbanist Architecture does not just want to be a part of this. We want to break the mould and set the trends. We want to be pioneers.”

The technology puts you in the middle of your design enabling homeowners to see any flaws in their plan or elements that they might want to see more of. Urbanist 4D Reality works for new projects and renovations, clients will be able to see every finish, every wall, and every window of their project.  They will even be able to switch off the lights and turn on the taps as if they were actually in their completed property.

Using VR technology is a win-win, architects are able to show their clients exactly how they are changing the property and homeowners can see with their own eyes how the finished project will look, providing more control over the whole design process.

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