Hall of mirrors by Russ + Henshaw

London-based design collaborative Russ + Henshaw has partnered with Turkishceramics to create Tile Mile, a temporary ceramic installation to be located at St John's Gate, in Clerkenwell.


The 'tiled passageway', to be installed for Clerkenwell Design Week in May, will feature inward-facing parallel mirrors within the two inner arches, creating the illusion of an infinite space.

Phil Henshaw, co-founder of Russ + Henshaw, said: 'The reflection of the floor and ceiling planes in the mirrored arches will create the illusion of an infinite "cryptlike" space, creating a dramatic, decorative pathway that disappears into the distance.' The illusion created in the Tile Mile is also reminiscent of the spectacular space within the Basilica Cistern, below the Stoa Basilica in Istanbul, with its endless forest of columns and elaborate vaulted ceiling.



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