Gas station design – the world’s 10 best filling stations for 2016

#3 Wissol Gas Station

gas station design

Location: Gori Highway, Georgia

Architect: J. Mayer. H

Completed: 2009

This intriguing gas station was part of a highway project commissioned by the head of the Roads Department of Georgia where J. MAYER. H Architects was to design 20 rest stops.

gas station design

The highway, new back in 2009, runs through Georgia connecting the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey.

gas station design

The Wissol gas station on Highway Gori was one of the two rest stops to first be completed in 2011. Its undulating design is built from steel and concrete where no concrete was prefabricated, it was constructed on-site.

gas station design

The total floor area of the gas station is 2,000sq m. Glass windows have been incorporated into the concrete facades, allowing light in and revealing the green and mountainous landscape.

gas station design


All images courtesy of J. Mayer. H Architects

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